amy bumpy and waxy but good with falafel and the like. 000312
beefu cucumbers are good to eat, they are also good for you and they are not bad for you. if you feel lonely, eat a cucumber, if you are hungry, eat a cucumber. There is no stopping the uses of cucumbers is this world 000511
mars if you cut a cucumber in half the long way what does that signify to you? HOw many seeds are in a cucumber? 010130
god the leaves are blowin', but there is no wind. 010130
florescent light ewww
I found a dried up cucumber slice under my bed
it looks kinda cool actually, maybe I'll hang it on my wall
baby satan cucumber slices dipped in vinegar. never tried them. heard they're good for aspiring anorexics, though. 010607
Syrope i always wanted to do that spa thing where you put them on ur 020315
dionysos I'll have a Screaming Viking.
Cucumber lightly bruised.
marjorie do they seem hostile to you too?
should i stop giving vegetables and inanimate objects humanistic traits?
does it really matter at 5 in the fucking morning
psycho a senile grandmother sits in her chair, throughout the seasons.
her arms folded gently around a cucumber, rocking it slowly.
memories of her daughter who died before her.
monee i am very fond of cucumber plants 041219
monee cucumber slices on toast 041219
fghio fghio 101114
what's it to you?
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