andru235 across the ages and across time
did humans seek sentience sublime?
no, they sought to control space
a process that subjugated the whole race

rather than learn of the quality life
they sought new ways to create strife
unto themselves they aimed to torment
'civilization' remains dormant
thieums --why Chronos has been fired from Swatch--
(discussion between Chronoss and his boss)
Boss: Chronos, you're late again... Aren't you time, after all?
Chronos: Sorry, I was delayed... Forgot my watch, took me half an hour to figure out where it was.
Boss: That's a lousy excuse for the God of Time.
Chronos: Please don't fire me!!! I've got a goddess and lesser-gods to feed!!!
Boss: No feelings in business. Now get out.
Chronos: damn, not again...
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