Mocerdre the Pirate yar.

Ize lined 'em up, the milk-drinkers, and I mades them walk thee plank.

sharkbait, the lot of 'em.

yarh har har.
god i'm your captain, i'm your captain
though i'm feeling mighty sick
heart/felt/superego ahab
take your glory.
if the others are like me
then it is for us that you come by it.

you're gone forever.
hearf/felt/superego gonna let it go
wonít let it show
the time Iím counting
is passing slow

well i wonít regret
that Iím gonna forget
all the time that was spent
on the way it felt

so i donít need to stand
with a jar in my hand
the hope inside it is free
to get away from me

so as I sing to this beat
the melody moves my feet
iíll walk away from this street
and we will never meet

the time it moves along
days cycle short and long
Iím quite a sight to see
as it releases me
what's it to you?
who go