sabbie it is famed that all roads in canberra
lead round and round and round.

once there, nnoone can find a way out.

maybe bush won't be able to find a way out either.

maybe he'll be trapped in a little caberra cosmos for ever
[it happened to friends of mine]
and then the world wont be bothered anymore
by insane, undereducated men with itchy fingers on oversensitive buttons.

mates_of_state indeed.
blah-ze canberra is where i wanna go year after next for uni. it goes round and round in circles. but that makes it easier to navigate (then say, sydney) because there ain't much to get lost in. 031017
sabbie so bush in in canberra for something like 12 hours, and he is attending a luncheon at the PM's offical place of residence, the Lodge, which howard doesn't live in anyway, because he prefers to live in sydeny, but anyway, so among the invited guests are steve erwin. the crocodile Bloke in stubbies and blunnies.

of all the people that someone considered important to stack the luncheon with, steve erwin? fuck!

"hi george, we know you and all americans think a lot of australians, so come and lunch with the creme of the crop."

you are not your fucking kahkis
but we are being represented by our schoolboy PM little johnny howard
and steve fucking erwin

what's it to you?
who go