Q Please, oh please, confirm my suspicions that Camille is now back too! 000822
Q Oh, yes, most definitely, daffodils are perennials. Smile, and bud a little. :-) 000824
camille know 040424
camille Camille

You didn't know that you were the one
the deal you struck with fate
signed sealed delivered in your hands
trying hard to forget the one whose sympathy you wrought
betrayed by the visions in your mind
and all the work you did demanded compromise from men
a woman's genius left out in the cold
and no-one really cared about the soul who lived inside
and freedom stolen from the wings of love

all the worlds afraid of you
so terrified of questioning
unable to protect the fragile beast
incarcerated for your power and driven mad by love
struck wounded fear like statues in your heart

all you ever needed was the recognition you deserved
and not to be betrayed by one who saw
the jealousy
his jaded soul
that brought you to your knees
the passion in your hands that needed clay
your hands.....
your hands....
your eyes......
pete sipping the tea i smile. 040424
notme claudel 040425
camille perrenial as a thought 040910
o_caritas camille

like the hurricane
for which
she was named,
she blew in
she blew out;
i recall the storm
very well
what's it to you?
who go