nore spike is a bohemian 030127
spike what is a bohemian? 030127
whome Main Entry: Bo·he·mi·an
Pronunciation: -mE-&n
Function: noun
Date: 1603
1 a : a native or inhabitant of Bohemia b : the group of Czech dialects used in Bohemia
2 often not capitalized a : VAGABOND, WANDERER; especially : GYPSY b : a person (as a writer or an artist) living an unconventional life usually in a colony with others
- bohemian adjective, often capitalized

#2 is the most common usage here and now.

RENT is a musical about modern-day bohemians in New York City. It's based on the opera by Puccini, La Boheme, which is about the original bohemians, if there is such a thing. (See

Ever seen the movie Moulin_Rouge? Those wack artists and writers living in a slum near the Moulin Rouge and drinking too much absinthe were bohemians.

I hope you get the idea.
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epitome of incomprehensibility It's not a fashion statement, it's a lifestyle...
OK, fine, let me plagiarize/parodize more exalted sources.
I will type in the word processor of my soul the uncreated document of my race.
epitome of incomprehensibility Tomorrow is Bloomsday!
Yay for Irish Rebel Geeks and suchlike.
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