Tristan wind.
The way it pushes the snowflakes onto my eyelashes.
The Way it pulls my scarf from my shoulders
I hear it tear the leaves from their branches
I watch as shingles fly from their perches
Wind, you bluster through my home, through my town
And you bring beatuy and destruction
as all nature does
ellen cherry charles I felt blustery when you were asking me all of those personal questions!!! 020401
sarah momentary idiocies erupt moths into my mouth. a joke. a laugh. a mishap. i called in the middle of the night because i was SCARED. 020517
melvinwang i've blustered through my relationships. is that the right use of the word? but i'd better change fast, before the one i want is lost for good. 020904
~gez~ never heard this word before now in my life, in fact. i still havent heard it, i've only read it. could somebody please say it to me? 020905
tailor elisa's cheeks after the wind 031207
Naomi to blunder? I am not quite sure. I like progmatic... 060514
rudhaen flustered and fluttery my heart pounds as the gale rages 060606
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