birdmad drifting on a thermal a PSP, a random wireless connection

and, of course, blather

(tho t'would be nicer if there was a less tedious input method than txtmsg style
u24 cool birdy. 060107
birdmad vs an episode of The Young Ones "Tomorrow I'm going to blow up a Panda in Croydon...
what the last thing you blew up?"
meta meta 060110
jane but only on his wings 080617
unhinged i used to write poems on my brown paper book covers on the bus ride home from high school

i stashed a legal pad back in my purse/sack
BnB slats swinging in a cool night breeze. 090326
ergo blather zipper is much quicker 090326
() ( see: ipad ) 100816
Strideo jane you beat me to it . . . by about two years too!
birdmad Mobile device

Running an evening errand on the_metro, untethered

No longer bound by the wire or the surreptitious leeching of someone else's WiFi, almost home to the short walk in the late August heat

Central Avenue rolls by, coming up on the dead zone corner

I am free again to roam the blue (and red fields) as I might wish
what's it to you?
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