Dr_Quill As long as we're talking about meat, you and me, where is the beef? 990917
skiblu what the hell is your beef with me huh? HUH? No cause I really wanna know! Is it how I look, how I speak, why are you always critising? Does it make you feel smart?
See, you can't answer than can you. Because you don't know what it is and you don't know why you do it.
You just do.
the beef council it's what's for dinner 010126
deb yukky 010126
marjorie notice that the name changes after it is dead.
but fish... now, those fish just stay fish. we ought to think of a new name for them once they're dead.
nocturnal at work and what about chicken, rabbit, and, uh, other ones too 010601
Seed I think I can live with any meat except. 011125
amber i try and try not to eat you and your animal friends. i don't want you to die. but you are so tasty. i am a sick, sick beast. 030523
niska cake 030523
Riva arm, brawn, flesh, force, heftiness, meat, might, muscle, physique, power, robustness, sinew, steam, strength, thew, vigor 040309
what's it to you?
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