Thoth He spent days away from her, livid over her brazen betrayal.

He hid.

From her, from himself, from the whole fucking world.

When he came home, there was a flashing light on his answering machine. He knew it would sound like one she had leftr before.

He melted at the sound of her voice managing somehow to feel like a bag of jagged, broken shards of glass at the same time.

"Where are you?" she asked, sounding sweet and wistful "I've been worried about you, wondering where you disapeared off to."

One half of his brain and his heart ached in unison to believe her. The other half, the half that wore her abuses like a boxer wore contusions smirked bitterly in his mind

"Yeah, right." the reproaching voice whispered in his mind.

He played the message a couple of times just to hear her voice, seeming to be so filled with love.
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