guitar_freak It finally snowed today and so I drove out into the country looking for cool pictures. I came across a really quaint little barn. There was a sign that said no trespassing, but nobody was there, so ohh well. Anyways I climbed over the wire and worked my way into this abandoned barn. It was so cool. I finally found my way up to the hay loft and there was all these spraypainted words and names. It made the place even cooler. With "fuck this world" and a rope swing, what could be better? 001112
psychobabe hmmmm...where was this at?
during the first snow? damn that was a long time ago, lol
megan he lays me down for the first time in the barn.. what a place to lose your virginity for the first time. with john mayer trickling out slowly in the background, and a straw bed in this warm and cozy stall, he stretches me between this rustic paradise and the moon. i can hear the barn swallows rustling, are they watching us? do they understand the magnificence of this moment? because i don't believe i do... 021116
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