Seeds of Light The amassing volume
of an unknown substance

Unknown, that is
to most of humanity

The build up of Surface_Tension
The ripple_effect fades its way

Overflowing yet unspilled
the container suffices for now

Anticipation minus anxiety
Expectancy equals hope

when that which is contained inside
bursts forth from its makeshift prison

An oddessy ensues
An Enigmatic_Unravelling

Light is an ocean
Poured into Time

Days are dripping seamlessly
Flowing downstream

two point two revivals
three point five raptures

The walls are bristling with pressure
Cracks are forming which all can see

Drip... Drip... Drip...
Drip, Drip, Drip

Two out of Two swallow
whilst holding their breath

Three out of Five
Are not prepared for what is happening next

But the damage forecast is flawed
The havoc wreaked is confusion and ignorance

For the Forceful Flow was a healing rush
A rapid current of purification

Those fortunate are swept away
While those who remain are driven mad

The onslought of questions brings no answers
The gross Lack of Understanding brings insanity

And the ones with truth are missing
The painful realizations of a past now destroyed.

Eat away at them,
Splinty Sit and wait for the bitterness to swell up inside you like a headache, like a balloon in your stomach, heavy and dark. It contaminates your soul like disease. You hit things, scream, turn the music up louder, louder. But no one hears. But no one cares. And that's when the salty flood begins. 041219
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