the birdmad in the corner of your vision ever-present subliminal 020109
Ambience adj. - Surrounding, completely enveloping,
Ambience - environment

Surround me, partake of me... endulge.
unhinged he is the time and space
that surrounds me
who he is
a cloud
an envelope
around my mind
some days the membrane is passable
and other days it is not
and i can't tell you
or him
why i feel this way
it's like sweating in the summer
or breathing
or my heart beating faster
right before i light up my cigarette
a soul mate
that when i look into his eyes
the partial mirror of reflection
of equal parts of one whole
music holds the same meaning in us
in love
out of love
surrounded in ambient love
like breathing
unhinged stress

became automatic

but when i thought about it hard enough
i could think of things
i might have said
that hurt you

when i told you
i needed benzos
to deal with you

i didn't need you
to spell it out for me
i could already guess

what was left between us
what's it to you?
who go