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pete sitting, its easy to see action in immobility. standing it fades away. simple mind games try to tear back the dust of time, to open a world seperated by both distance and time, thousands of kilometres, hundreds of years.

it's a dangerous time, what time wasn't? oppositions stand on the street, facing. one supports the man beyond the mountians, the other cames that James is king of England and Church. one is a poor widow, the other the wife of a struggling merchant. one has a retinue of cats and rats and toads, the other's milk curdled threatening her family's survival. one hangs for pleading guilty to witchcraft, the other stands watching with grim and morbid satisfaction.

if things were a little different, if this town was in the south of france, not northamptonshire, would the poor widow stand as the merchant's wife hung? was the community purifying itself, or corrupting its base? has time erased the conflict, as it's erased the lives of those who lived in those troubled times?

the activity in immobility. i haven't moved. i haven't opened the second paragraph of the essay. i've done no justice to either, hypothetical, character. yet each moment passes, and a naunce forms. it makes the characters more real, more human, more true to their existence, more harmful to the memory and history.
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