silentbob If you send in your vote absentee style
and they recieve it
and then you die
do they still count it?
silentbob If you go to the polls
and vote
and die before you hand them the ballot
or before they count it
does it still count?
jane It's always a battle
Under the control of
Who we thought we could trust.

It's shameful,
The pleasure we obtain
From watching our idols fall,
Seeing the good ones show their dark side,
The shadows of the bright.

But we sit by and watch from our Ikea sofas
With fringed pillows.

And we consume as much as we can afford
With last month's birthday checks.

And we laugh at those who stand up

Wasting the warfare of our ancestors.
stork daddy i don't want to have to decide between ikea and democracy...i just don't! 041004
three words it's_like_you_left_me swallow absentee 110104
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