typhoid my rice has caked, the ice has cracked.
and electricity builds.
the platform is not the candidate.
(wilhelm reich died for your sins!)
Brad ZOT.... onomatopoeia is swell. 000423
tourist Back In The Early Seventies
Was When I First Ran Accross The Candy
With The Baking Soda Inside
Suck Em' Slow Sweet Fruit Flavors
(Artificial I'm Sure)
Then They'd Foam In Your Mouth
All Tingly Like.
I Havn't Seen Zotz In Years.
unhinged they were called something different when i was a kid; i can't recall. and i'm sure i will think about it in the back of my brain until i can remember. hhhmmm

was it the atomic warheads...or were those just sour? but i do distinctly remember the hard candy that when you bit into it, it fizzed all over your tastebuds.
tourist No, I Just Googled Zotz Today, They Still Make Em', They Just Don't Sell Em' Around Here I Guess. I'm Not A Very Good Consumer Though, I Slack At My Capitalistic Duties. 080721
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