Effingham Fish No-one I know who collects them smokes. 011212
whoknows i smoke.
i want one.
my dad has 2 but one is boring as fuck and one was cool but its broken.
cube i used to smoke and having a zippo was cool. i still look at them in magazine stores and i just know one day i'm gonna buy another - just for old times sake... 011212
Jenna I don't smoke, for the record.

Do not loan people things when you are drunk.

He walked off with mine.

Next time I saw him:

me:"Can I get that back?"

him(stoned):"Chick, I can't tell you how bad I feel about that."

me:"Shit, you didn't. You dumbass, that zippo was a gift from my mother. She bought it for me in New Orleans."

him:"I'll keep looking for it, I will, it might still be at my old house, and I'm going to clean out my car..."

me: ::exasperated::
what's it to you?
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