852456 w r y
i feel as though i need to say something about this word.

hmm, but nothing comes to mind.

I figured i'd just draw attention to it, and someone else will write about it.
cube [As an adjective]
1: having a bent or twisted shape or condition (a wry smile); especially: turned abnormally to one side (a wry neck)
3: cleverly and often ironically or grimly humorous (Websters)

It can also be used as a verb, although i've never heard it used that way...
dandy rye o why rise wry wit with wrist lifted to lips liquid sips slip heat slump to slumber and another he tilts an eyebrow askew and dryly comment on handling liquor under the table and the response of slurs and inarticular burrs of brilliance ground down, catchiness lost with consciousness heard by argumentative snorts then snores 050107
you okay. 050108
me? is it? 050109
anne-girl i knew a girl who always had an expression on her face that i thought of as wry

we took the same train, and she played the flute, like i did but better

i remember hearing that her sister killed herself
what's it to you?
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