Deniedu Sometimes it is everything. 010311
mikey losers make the best winners. 010311
nocturnal is everything, unless you lose, in which case you have to tell yourself it's how you played the game, even though you know damn well that if you'd played well, you'd have won. 010410
Norm Winning is like drinking. The more you drink the more incompotent you become. When you come down from a good winning streak is like coming down from a good drunk, you get hit hard as soon as you wake up and realise its all gonna end. The first five minutes is that begining and sobering blow, the rest of the half is your hangover, and the second half is another fucking drink! We all like to drink, if you know what I mean. So drink up boys, drink up... 011001
little fury bug depends on the prize.
sprhrgrl smilers never lose and frowners never win. 030206
paper heart You're winning me over with everything you say. You rip my heart right out. 040514
Jurisprudence During the moments entwined,
Synching hearts together and then releasing unto our bodies,
That's when I feel like I'm winning.
I feel like I have everything then.
what's it to you?
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