burt I seriously cannot believeno-one has had any feelings about the Whoppers, or even a single Whopper. Throw me a bone here. 020403
burt Even hard-core vegetarians like Lio like whoppers! 020403
Arwyn I see this word and I cringe.... I hate burger king.... 020403
jackie "flame-broiled" mc cracken chicken_whoppers 020403
Larsus Natura A whopper by any other name would taste so sweet? 080106
unhinged their newest ad campaign cracks me up on a lot of levels.

a day without whoppers....and most people have no idea how much better off the environment and their digestive tracts would be.
Yogurt: "Be good to your gastrointestinal tract, and your gastrointestinal tract will be good to you." 080106
tourist A Vegetarian Friend O' Mine
Walked Into A BK One Day And Ordered A Whopper "Hold The Meat"
The Wage Slaves In The Back Room All came Out To See "What Fool Ordered A Whopper HOLD DE MEAT!?"
It Was Back In The
"Have It Your Way" Era.
It Really Messed With Their Heads.
unhinged bk is one of the only national fast food chains that actually has a veggie burger for people like us 080502
. Also known as a doozy. 081203
what's it to you?
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