(_) you on the floor crashed
down sobbing shake scream breathe imagination
terrifies me stiff
ohsomuch until
there is nothing left to
do but see it
crash fear ohno i will rush
rush too late helpless
anyway just to look down
at your body that will writhe
from my suddenly imprisoning wheels
if only they could spin away
from my warped daydream i will reach
to touch your cowered crying body
and you will flinch
away from my touch twitching
and i will shake and scream
along with your pitch it will be allmyfault panic can i get away from
this it's not going to happen not
going to happen not going to
happen now just breathe in slow
out slow in slow out there now
stop the thinking
come on girl this doesn't help because
you can't stop anything you
know at least not by worrying
thoughts never kill the demon
you can't make it disappear.
what's it to you?
who go