W.C. Is it a sin to never be content? Innumerable blessings abound, and around each bend is something more I think I want.

The chence to go back, the chance to try again, to be with someone special, to live at normal hours, to be perfect in mind, to be appealing to the eyes, to be honored among peers, to be clever and witty and wise--but I think I am too aimless and conceited.
unhinged i'm a libra. i can't be fulfilled when i am alone. but i don't want to depend on anyone for anything.


i don't want to depend on you
but you were the first one
in a long time
that made the hole go away
that i wasn't afraid of

a_month_without_you ?
unhinged eh

today i had sunshine
monarch butterflies
and swarms of dragonflies

one of my students wrote another piece
where he records the piano part on his keyboard
and plays back the recording while playing along with his violin
another one of my students was back to her wonderful self
yet another got a new song

fuck it

there's too much to smile about
what's it to you?
who go