Quintessensual Long ago, it came to me while I was separating tee shirts. Hers, that fit her so very, very nicely; and mine, that, well, fit I suppose. At least she never said they didn't.

It came to me then out of the blue. Eureka! Voila!

There it was, between two of hers. It just jumped right out: tsort, a topological ordering function.

Since then I've always thought that there is nothing quite as nice, quite as fascinating, quite as stimulating, if you are into order, as tsort.
Topological ordering is definitely the cat's meow, and tsort does it all for you.

Sometimes I wish I were into order. Not often, but once in a blue moon. For variety, doing it topologically is, well, almost natural.

Naw, but I'm set in some of my ways. I'm still into tees.

Maybe someday I'll find something like a tsort again.

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