Doar Make me count each second,
slip into each second,
expand each second.

Such lights in each second,
a red fervour in each second,
laughing at each second.

writing another second,
composing each second,
listening to each second.
Lemon_Soda there is a second
so brief a second
but a second

that I see Doar
and think of Doar
and laugh with Doar
here in the blue

I feel thankyou
I ponder thankyou
I type thankyou
for years of friendship

You know you never call me anymore.
Doar has it been years already Mr. Sour?

and hey, you could ship me an e-mail once in awhile you know....

geez, do I have to all the hard typing when you know my fingers have are dyslexic at times? think you know people....

Doar god I'm a dork. 071219
Lemon_Soda That makes two of us! 071220
Doar Thanks Lemon.

It's nice of you to come into the dorkness with the rest of us.

LS....come to the dorkness....

you know you want it.

tee hee.
what's it to you?
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