kingsuperspecial open a chapter and read all you like
but the ending is already written.
in a flash the winds change.
calm riotous tender violent lift fall
on off hot cold simple messy.

anxious warping fleeting laughing
empty searching waiting dreaming

can't count on my hands
the hearts I've met.
can't see in my self
one that could stay.
roads wound through time
continue to lead me in circles
the foundation the shelter
around the next corner
oh no not me *dies* 011010
ClairE Is that where we can be alone again?

The next corner of the room. Don't rooms have a finite number of corners?

I'd like to live in your world.
whitechocolatewalrus the next corner is full of possibilities.
it holds everything new
and everything old
will i ever get to the next corner?
i think i'm stuck in the present forever.
what's it to you?
who go