shiva got my wisdom teeth out.

now i need to find i a girl; to pull the stitches out with her tongue.
unhinged the last place i had stitches i wouldn't want anyone pulling them out with their tongue. 010814
ClairE Never had them; afraid to get my wisdoms pulled.

I've never even sprained my wrist.

When we were in the car accident, my brother wasn't even two and had blue stitches that made him look like a gangster. I remember them either putting them in or taking them out. It is right next to his eye, a faint white line.

He is only eleven, but maybe a girl will trace it one day.

Where you traced my spine needs someway to stitch it back together. Like book binding, you could open me up and eat an apple, even, while you dig in.
squint listening to orgy
Tying yourself to me
Stitch up my emptiness cause you're the death of me
. . 050728
what's it to you?
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