Mister Brightside whispering of ghosts, stones and statuary under a rainy sky.

the occasional shift of the breeze
z done. over high shadows in long blue cool of shallow pools over fishes and lilies are ringing silently ranging across quiet and the moss of stillness and stops 050211
(z) long tunnel under frozen water and we whisper in vapor breath of lives and forgotten sorrows to come in wind and valley sameness where hoizon is a thin thin line between the expected and the train that passes through on it's way to morning and stops 050324
z gone beneath the resolution of the senses lost in the noise of everything, subsume in the quiet of it's self and listens: only the resonance of the ear space and ringing of motionless things passing forever beyond the event horizon and stops 050404
zeke yarn ball roll down marble quiet stair in darkness hall of empty building while still airs smother over mud lake city with old bells silent and lone cat slinks behind once soaked house with wind torn porch under open sky roof and tree parked car and stops 050921
z see: quietude 050928
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