jane making dreams a reality

one step at a time
retrospect bird on account of that one girl some ten years ago, i spent the better part of a year and a half hiding in a series of Southern Comfort bottles, moving from bottle to bottle as i drained each one, until my house was a museum of empty vessels, each topped with a candle

there were enough against one wall of that place where i could have burned the world if even one had fallen.

so now i recoil at anything which tastes too stongly of anise or licorice
u24 raises his glass.

to dreams, ambition and potential.
never lose sight of the end goal, and remember that every step takes you closer, whether it seems like it or not.
Lemon_Soda *raises his glass*

To the only girl(woman)
Who ever gave me
Southern comfort...

Love ya, Babe!
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