florescent light I wish to live in a snowglobe.
My world embracing a blissful bubble of perfection, with blankets of sparkled magic.
And time stands still. Still. Still. Still.
Frozen euphoria.
Paralyzed for eternity an image of pure enchantment.
To be infinitely happy
is to live in a snowglobe.
Butterfly Collector Rosebud.......

Butterfly Collector *smash* 010813
MollyCule you never knew this, i never told you this, and it looks like i won't be telling you now, but i "acquired" one of those stupid snowglobes with the picture slot in the middle and i trapped you there, in the plastic, like you belong, and then i took it out in my backyard and smashed it with a hammer. right between the fucking eyes. and i felt oh so much better afterwards. 010815
phil you're a very busy person. 020530
Eowithien You would never have to worry about the world outside the glass. Its all distorted there anyway.

I think the snow would be annoying, I'd get sick from the tipping at Christmas time when those damned blurry images beyond the glass get closer...
Sarah the moment never lasts.
but it's so damn beautiful until is breaks.
User24 Sarah is correct. 030902
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