dying embers I sleep to dream, and dream to stay
forgotten things and better days.
I stay to remember, and sleep to forget,
and dream of things I've not done yet.
So if you go, or if you stay,
you're in my dreams of another day.
And if you love, or if you loathe,
please tell me when and where you go.
Though I sleep to forget, I dream of days
when things were done in better ways.
So tell me true, and I'll not lie,
or look for reasons and ask why.
I'll accept, hard though it may be,
that dreams are all I've left of thee
jane dare_to_dream 040119
endless desire very beautiful poem above.

days are tiring.
i sleep to dream
get away form this world
and mix reality with my imagination,
lacking the ability
to see the difference between the two.
you should see my dreams,
they are colourful and bizarre.
yes i sleep to dream.
what's it to you?
who go