me? sickly sweet pleasure
of bacchus divine
tempt us again
with goblets of wine

sickly sweet silence
warm breath in the dark
tongue of an angel
teeth of a shark.

sickly sweet smells
shadowed incenses
smoldering slowly
with superfluous scents
amy mark me with this, your brand of sickly.
simply, sate goblet thirsts for my salvation
oh i don't know i'm just moody.
Brad Someone named amy is posting... i want to be the last one in the 'who' dammit... 000309
birdmad the sweet taste of the Southern Comfort in my glass. It burns as it sits in my stomach, a few crackers and an orange juice chaser settle the discomfort.

I take another shot.
marjorie you can stay home today
forget about the world
and create a new one
under blankets and sheets
and burning with fevers
that make dreams almost real
donald nipple your DING A LING is looking mighty sickly. 020829
devalis Sean. 8 deadly diseases, ya know. 020829
what's it to you?
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