guitar_freak "you can't live with them, you can't live without them" 010303
nocturnal just like everyday, I didn't get to talk to so many of my friends today. I'm appreciative of the time I got to spend talking to the few with whom I stay in close contact, but I hate that almost every single one of my friends is so far away, in so many different states. I can't wait for the summer when they'll all be here. Well, not all of them, but most of them anyway. I can only be truly happy when I am surrounded by all my friends. We don't even have to be doing anything, just being in their company puts a smile on my face everytime. Without my friends, I probably would not have survived as long as I have. I miss them all so much. 010314
florescent light Friends

Friends in my life, they come and they go.

I went to 3 different high schools, it was hard to establish meaningful relationships. I still keep in touch with a couple of friends from High School.

In college - my best friend graduated last year.
Before I met her, the girl who was my best friend failed out.
and the other one of my good friends did too.
This year the girl who is my best friend isn't my friend anymore.
So , that leaves just my roommate, who I have been friends with since sophmore year. And I love him dearly, and I now call him my best friend.

But I love myself, and I am a free spirit, and I can go anywhere, and meet people, and if I luck out, meet someone who becomes a good friend. But, they come and go, come and go. And sure, I keep in touch with some of them still-

I don't know, you need to find happiness within yourself, is what I am saying.
mikey same here. i went to high school in NC ARK and graduated in CA. yippy. 010315
nocturnal well I went to the same high school for four years, so my friends are pretty much the same as my family to me. it's hard to leave people that are as close, in some ways closer than your family and not want to talk to them and be around them. I'm just happier in their company, I'm not entirely unhappy without them, but they make me feel better about everything. 010315
silentbob personally i think chandler should be the declared daddy of rachels baby. itd add just the right amount of spice 010927
scarlett are too demanding 020103
pilgrim Being a navy brat
and a drifter
most all of my young life
people came and went
in a long parade
that blurred over time
I remember the faces
and the places
but the names come only when
they want to
not at the bidding of my mind
I owe my survival to the sharing we did
and many a thought and philosophy too
but in the end we all are alone
even with someone we love
be kind to each other
and forgive our sins
we all can be monsters
or angels at heart
to trust in each other
is all we can do
knowing that in the end
all of this will soon pass
nom love is everything 040501
nom everybody_love 040501
nom) where_would_i_be 051009
nom) without everyone 051009
nom i don't really know anyone 060101
jess my friends are so depressed
i feel the question of their lonelyness
confide cause ill be on your side

you know i will. you know i will

ex girlfriend called me up
alone and desperate on the prison phone
they want to give her seven years
for being sad

i love all of you
hurt by the cold
so hard and lonely too
when you dont know yourself

my friends are so distressed
and standing on the brink of emptiness
no words i know of to express
this emptiness

i love all of you
hurt by the cold
so hard and lonely too
when you dont know yourself.

i heard a little girl
and what she said was something beautiful
to give your love no matter what
was what she said
i love all of you
hurt by the cold
so hard and lonely too
when you dont know yourself.

~My Friends:
The Red Hot Chili Peppers~
leunig We give thanks for our friends.
Our dear friends.
We anger each other.
We fail each other.
We share this sad earth, this tender life, this precious time.
Such richness. Such wildness.
Together we are blown about.
Together we are dragged along.
All this delight.
All this forgiving life.
We hold it together.
n o m m o n no friends 120417
amy adaptivity I think i got on the accusing people of being enemies ( and it really went deep ) as a method of survival--- i couldn't believe that others would let my life become so destroyed.

If: there is no one to help

Then: these people are only here for the other reason. Otherwise they ( you )wouldn't be here.


Then, holy of holies, wellbutrin happened and the disability disappeared.

So I'm sorry for the accusation. I was pissed that life was not ever going to happen for me. Hope destroyed. It's not true. Life happens. Not a blanket i get to have everything life, but it happens, and i can also be grateful that the suffering was able to deepen things for me. You weren't doing anything wrong, you just weren't quite getting the distress of the situation. Most friends are not meant to be... rescue workers, and i don't even think that it should have been that way. I am sorry and ashamed that I couldn't be a normal happy actual friend to many people I've met. Sorry it never seems to work, or that my situation is dire while others get, have, need more normal things. It's not your fault. I can't cast any blame anywhere. Yes. Sorry.
raze the middling ones fall away like bad beams in a crumbling house. the good ones stick around like eternal gum on the bottom of your heart's size sixteen shoe. so_it_goes. 150404
raze (the point being, i've got some real good gum) 150405
nr this one friend of mine is always like, "you have so many friends!"

but i don't feel like i have any friends (at least, in this city) that i talk to with any regularity or that fit me into their lives. this isn't a criticism on their part; lives change, distance (both literal and figurative) plays a part, people have things going on, etc. but i haven't seen anyone at all this weekend because no one's been available. there are always meetups and such for when you're bored and feeling social, but when you want to go to something specific (in the case of this weekend, two separate concerts) and can't find anyone to go with, it's lonely. i wonder if other people deal with this often. i hardly ever see other people out at events by themselves, but i guess a lot of people could just be reluctant/scared and have decided to stay home.
nr people (myself included) tend to assume someone who knows a lot of people is satisfied and never lonely. but you can know 100 people and only be close with 3 of them. 151115
nr i guess the above also has to do with being close with more people who have similar interests as you. 151115
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