typhoid liy liy liy/ liy liy liy... 000402
grendel my god, what did you do to his eyes? 010202
sabbie rosemary's blue
lavander's green
when you are king
i shall be queen...

the Ordinary Princess was always my favorite book when i was little.
deb i'm not much for country music,
though i admit i was a junkie,
once, long ago-
but i have a friend who insists on
listening to her music in the car,
and i've been sucked into that song...
rosemary's grandaughter,
or some such thing-
"i am rosemary's grandaughter,
the spitting image of my father,
and when the day is done,
my momma's still my biggest fan.
i've been careless, i've been clumsy,
but i've got friends that love me
and they know exactly where i stand.
it's all a part of me,
and that's who i am..."

i don't know- perhaps it's the tune-
i found myself singing it all day...
damn country songs
lodging themselves in my mind...
what's it to you?
who go