: A walking heap of literacy. 080722
hee hee anti-touch syndrome !

don't touch me!
i don't feel anything,
i'm a stone,
and don't let my ears hear you,
or your eyes look at me,
i don't want want to smell you
or taste you.

my English teacher didn't inspire me, no not at all !

and don't try and teach me how to spell or PUNKtuate !

i like ! spaces, who made the rule ? was it you ? ? ?
i will never understand the english lingo. or why that boy chucked me out the EXIT bar !
I mean i was the one that made it fun Peters sake!
harsh facts it's not that difficult to understand. perhaps you are just really dumb. 080722
ffffffffffffffff yeah!

i'm dumb...

my emotions get the better of me maybe?

maybe i just kind of don't want yo look out of the window!
ffffffffffffffff i can't type eve a...

please give me extra time,.... my brain just does NOT work.

and my nose is really blocked up so bad that i want to walk home all on my own, boooooo whoooppp.
what's it to you?
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