poetic onslaught What's the point in voting democrat or republican in a CAPITALIST economy!? They can vote heads or tails if they want to but it's the almighty coin that's calling the shots. 121104
gja Well technically speaking, and it is purely technical as I am far from your polling places, you are not voting for a type of economy or financial system.

You have the great honour of being able to decide on which color of the rainbow your society resides by way of political representation.

Dont fall into the arms wide open trap of believing your vote doesnt count. That belief, more than anything else, en masse, results in a malaise that ends in the abyss.
poetic onslaught That's the point, that we are NOT voting for an economy or financial system which IS what determines who wins elections. We are only voting based on what we are being told by the fortunate 10 percent. Politics don't really apply to most of us, we're just made to believe they do by those who actually have something to gain from them. If the opposite were true and our vote really did count, and we really can be anything we want to be in a free country then we wouldn't be able to trace the presidents geneology to one another... those odds would be impossible in a country based on those principles 121106
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