Ariadani Look out! look out!
pink elephants on parade,
here they come, hippity-hoppity!
the'yre here, and there,
pink elephants everywhere!

look out, look out!
they're walking around the bed
on their head, clippity-cloppity,
parade, in braid,
pink elephants on parade!

what'll i do? what'll i do?
what an unusual view!

i can stand the sight of worms,
and look at microscopic germs,
but techni-color pachiderms
is really too much for me!

i am not the type to faint when things are odd or things are quaint,
but seein' things you know there ain't
can certainly give you an awful fright,
what a sight!
chase 'em away! chase 'em away!
i am afraid, need your aid,
pink elephants on para-a-a-ade,
pink elephants...
pink elephants...
blah-ze pink elephants! they will save us from the hovercraft_full_of_eels! 030826
Strideo they'll face the evil_mathematician!
jezabel they mock me,
blathering inaanities
and not suppplying meat
in proper packaging.
delial ...that part of dumbo scared the tar out of me... 030827
celestias shadow i still will not watch that movie. i saw it once and that was PLENTY. nice and friendly uncle disney, my ass! yeeeesh. 030903
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