~gez~ my mind functions perfectly, but i cannot express my inner thoughts to anybody for fear of being embarrased. i hide behind a blanket of fear every day of my life. free me, i am paralyzed 020821
splinken oh baby i've. told. every little star. just how sweet how sweet you are. 030321
Lough 1) a "hello" with no response.

2) receiving an "i don't know you" when initiating a conversation.

3)"satan's snot salsa" at the taqueria.

4)locking eyes with her from across the room, then realizing her dad is looking at me.

5) lover is looking at me as well.

6) photographs.

7)"the results of your test are in."

8)her warm fingertips.

9) deer in the headlights.

10) the end.
The_Saddam_magic Say_hello_to_everyone 040623
misstree so scared to fail
that i do
by not doing anything
what's it to you?
who go