black-dyed gel product Mace does not got the ladies, nor does puff drive mercedes. Mercedes won't even get in the same car as him ever since he slapped her sister. 010618
doin it to ya ghetto style a non-flowin,non-dancin, blabberin-like-a-crackhead-over-some-tunes-he-ain't-good-enough-to-write-himself, can't-make-up-his-mind-what-to-name-himself-this-week muthafucka who needs to get arrested to keep his name in the spotlight.

oh yeah, and fuck jimmy page for letting P-dipshit have "Kashmir" (he fucked it up)

muthafuckin second-coming of bobby brown but with only half the talent and can't sing (or rhyme either)
Lone_Raven Fuckin Sell out. Simple. all i know is he's got JLO...and damn what'd i give to screw her.

o well, the guy has got to get over biggie's death and just stick with being a producer or something out of the spotlite
Zoren Swearing marrs the beauty of the glossal arts! 020502
MisterFunkadelic au contraire, sometimes, i think swearing, when deployed properly with some talent and aplomb, can be a tremendous linguistic tool

although what talent and aplomb and skilled use of words have to do with P diddy is anyone's guess because i haven't found the link yet, personally....and yes, Jimmy Page really stepped on his own dick letting p-diddy rework Kashmir for the godzilla soundtrack...i still get the urge to puke when i hear it...that's just musical blasphemy
poet what an asinine name 070510
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