unhinged i was just lips
and tits
and tattoos
to you

that makes you feel guilty
so you have to pass some of the guilt off to me
(rejection was really the last thing i needed right now)

but it probably is better that we talked about it
i'm really not one for casual dating
i really just don't want to be empty_handed right now
my life has been such shit for the past month
i just needed someone to sit with
play cards with
kiss and hug and be with

'why do i feel like such an asshole right now?'
because your need to talk about it
was like a hammer
that smashed the delicate thing we had going on
into a bunch of little pieces
i'm sure the disappoint was plain on my face
'don't feel like an asshole'
pushing someone away is always hurtful
what's it to you?
who go