Ducky Is sometimes old and sometimes new.

Either way, when normality leaves or returns it is always refreshing.

Refreshing indeed.
Destination? the throne in which we all sit upon
when it rains societies thoughts
the safety
the comfort
the loss of ideas
the abandonment of question
the place in which we go when are voice is to quiet to be heard
the net that keeps us from falling into life
it is the blinfold upon your eyes
the tape upon your mouth
the chains upon your hands
the regulation of the mind
so that you do not leave the boundaries of what is expected
a place in which the weak dwell
so that no effort is put forth
to change
to hear the next note
in the synmphony of of the few
that can leave the throne
and rule by experience
the preconcieved notion that only one way is right:
the normal way.
what's it to you?
who go