unhinged the fact that you 'made every effort to keep [me] apart' from whatever you were going through eventually pushed me out into the street

unhinged cop_out

the heap of karmic_debt that creates one human being is so distinctly different from the heap that creates another human being that it is shallow and cruel to say this to anyone. it might not be a big deal to you, but that doesn't give you the right to dismiss the fact that it could be a big deal to someone else.

you threw a stone at me that rippled my water. now there is a rock at the bottom displacing things that have nowhere else to go. the fault line in my heart cracks wider. tributary cracks smaller than the initial canyon created from childhood cruelties, but cracks nonetheless.

no big deal. i can go find some chemical_happiness to replace the loneliness, fill the gap that no bridge seems to cross.
unhinged against_the_stream

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