fyn gula That look you gave me, upturned brow and illuminating smile, a warm recognition.

i had to be on your team.
six, they said, and i was seven.

they made someone else drop out, not me.
so i was with you.

coincedence? no. things have to be.

we had the kind of fun you don't try to have. you just breathe and it is not air, it is wonder.
silentbob sometime's i call her this 021117
fyngula all the time i call her this. 021117
celestias shadow if my friend doesn't stop calling me natalia, i will strangle her. 031029
Eowithien My birth certificate name.

And thats that.
smurfus rex Natalia's nickname in Russian is "Natasha"...Natalia's grandmother might call her "Natashenka"...funny how in Russian, first name diminutives usually aren't. :) 040229
Eowithien Baba calls me Tashenka because we got Natasha from Natalia and then Tasha from Natasha. And then of course, Tashenka from Tasha.

Funny how those things work.
what's it to you?
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