Norm I like cheesies and apple pie
yes thats what I like to eat when I'm high
I like coca cola classic too

yummyC 1.butter pecan icecream
2.pillsbury cinnamon rolls
4.grilled cheese sammich
5. more icecream
6. saute-ed mushrooms and Onions

and probably a bunch more stuff I can't even remember.
yummychuckle (i mean thats what i just ate) 020303
yummyC 7. crackers
8. gummibears
9. gum

oh man its bad for me to have access to so much food while high.
squint garlic bread, chicken pot pie, popsicle, popcorn, icecream, gummy bears. 020518
stork daddy GUMMY BEARS! and then you make little frankensteins with them 020518
yummychuckle dont like the munchies i give the green ones red heads because the green ones think the wrong way...
see also: red_and_green_story
or something like that.
yeah i wrote that one but I thought it needed too much editing when it was done so i used my pretty screenname.
what's it to you?
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