sabbie i went to a wedding of a friend of mine once, and it was all very formal and proper and it came time for the bride and grooms speach and he stood up first, placed his fists carefully on the table, surveyed the guests at their plate, and then spoke.

"mawwage. mawwage is wot bwrings us to get-ter,

and you could tell how was there for him, and who was there for her cos half the guests fell apart laughing and the other half threw nervous glances around, shifted uncomfortably in their hard plastic seats and had no idea what was going on.

twas very funny.
x mewage 030105
p2 damn
i don't think i have enough friends
who watched that movie as much as me
to pull off that speech
it's a good idea though
Syrope *giggles* howy matwimony 030105
misstree really is that much of a dork a friend who is both a devout clergyman and a devout gamer was married... at the wedding, each progressive groomsman had to throw rock_paper_scissors to get the ring... at the end, j_sun had to throw against his groomsman, and of course, threw the bomb. a bit of white_wolf larp humor. here, take my lunch money, just don't break my glasses again. 031204
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