carcharodon carcharias people are crunchy 020126
hyena we are the animals
that crunch the bones
to suck sweet marrow.
battle flag blues I was called in at a crime scene once during my lab extern where one of the victims had suffered a massive compound fracture of the right femur and i can tall you that while blood smells bad after awhile, marrow smells bat right away.

to condition myself to the stink as much as i could i hung out for a few days at a by-products plant because, human or animal, death smells pretty much the same

of course i've spent more time getting in training as a firearms ID tech because i still don't care much for the more gooey details associated with working in a crime lab.

you will find it takes a particular breed of person who can work for the coroner's office or the morgue.

I get a laugh when we get someone who thinks it's all like the CSI shows (which i do enjoy, don't get me wrong... they don't get it all 100% but they try, which i can appreciate) and turns greener than kermit the frog when confronted with a stinker for the first time

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