ClairE Yeah, we'll be living it up.

Fatten myself up on blather and you before the long cold winter.
sweetheart of the song tra bong Last day to sin! Do it often and do it well! 020212
peyton I have a professor.. he was telling about how he used to go to Mardi Gras twenty years ago.. just to hear Blues and Jazz. He said that it was supposed to be the best blues and jazz in the world, played during Mardi Gras.

He said that he went last year.. but all they play now is obscene rap and really bad top 100 alternative.

He looked wistfully out at us and said, "Can't we get that music anywhere? Why destroy something that only exists in one place, just to make a shithole clone of something else you can find anywhere?"

It was then I realized that perhaps I might be of a lesser generation than of my fathers.
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