snophish I wake up and this is the scene:
my throat is contracting, it wants to close, to force out the endless stream of maggots pooring from my depths. But there are too many
Scratchy yellow-golden bodies writhing and pushing for room against one another. Bodies on top of bodies dry and crackly and smooth exept
for the occasional dead one, deep brown and shriveled, soggy and broken from the frenzied panic, deteriorating before it gets past my open mouth. I want to scream but my vocal chords are crushed, the only sound of husky worm on worm. They fall out of my mouth, but each is replaced by another, churning from someplace deep inside of me.
All this while I am awake
so now maybe you know why I sleep so much
heathcliff incestuous touch killing an innocent soul, someday you will ache like I ache. 060218
*SuPeR^ChIcK* I do ache like you ache. Like I am being eaten from the inside out. 060218
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