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pobodys nerfect "Lucy! I'm home!"
"Lucy,you have some esplainin' to do..."
lucy my name is lucy.lucy in the sky with diamonds. 040114
Who else? High 5!!!
My name is Lucy too! there is no one in this world other than me and you that has this name and that is why it's the coolest.
flowerock Aesop_rock no_regrets

I met a woman named Lucy in the nursing home where we visited his grandmother. She's over 90 years old, beautiful, bright, still alive and young. She chats and visits and calms the others there having a hard time. She is so sweet. I can't help but hear this song in my head.
unhinged fuck_you_lucy

and fuck you atmosphere for moving onto the festival circuit in seattle. now i have to pay four times as much for a ticket (i wouldn't go to that festival otherwise; now i'm in a quandary)
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