Dafremen Long Eyes by R. Dafremen

Long eyes
See you
Through you
Do you
Tell lies?
So wise.
Not through
Long eyes.

Long eyes
Lied to
Will not
Hide you
No cries
You from
Long eyes.

Long eyes
Reach to
Guide and
Teach you.
Reach what
You prize
Trust to
Long eyes.

Long eyes
Know too
That which
Hurts you.
Those who
You fear
Long eyes.

Long eyes
Know you
Watched you
Grow to
Grow old
And die
Then close
Long eyes.
Toxic_Kisses I find this rather confusing, I mean I think I know what its about, but I cant say for sure if Im right, I could think its about one thing and than completely and utterly wrong (Like I Usually am) so Im not even going to explain what I think its about only to be told WTF? Its not even ReMoTeLy about ThaT 011030
Dafremen Then it has served its purpose and is p[leased with its lot in life. If it lies buried for 10,000 years in the blather_drivespace it will have led a satisfying existence. I'm certain that it would thank you if such were possible. 011030
Dafremen : ) Walk down memory lane. 030711
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