tree stump insufferable i went, i am dreaming all the day. before i slept, now i want to sleep . 020406
god i made wine from the lilac tree. 020406
unhinged nina simone via jeff_buckley 020407
Lilac I'm right beside you but you still don't see me standing there. Cleaverly disguised and casually dropping hints. 030109
j she smelled like lilacs
and all the boys liked her
until one day she took off
ran away with a biker

they went to san francisco
they drove to tennessee
until one day the biker said
girlfriend, get away from me

(he needed some space)

she smelled like lilacs
it got her a job
at some highway diner
the owner was a slob

she packed up her bags
she decided to leave
she smelled like lilacs
she can finally breathe
stork daddy tom petty couldn't of said it better. 030109
j breakdown
go ahead and give it to me
honey take me through the night
i'm standin here can't you see
it's's alright

sorry i just got tom petty stuck in my head
silentbob listen to me
i cannot see clearly
isn't that she coming to me?
z lilac chocolates on hudson in manhattan 080501
what's it to you?
who go